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Food and Beverage

The main restaurant offers authentic Cretan dishes based on Cretan products and recipes (including herbs and spices organically grown at the property) as well as international cuisine.

The traditional coffee shop – a village meeting place in the past - with stunning sea views offers Greek coffee and spirits, prepared and served the old fashioned way. The Greek tavern with a wood-fired oven and coal BBQ offers another traditional Greek experience. It’s where the cooking lessons also take place during the day by local women teaching authentic Greek recipes.

“Kouzína” Main restaurant

For Breakfast, lunch and dinner. International cuisine buffet.

“Shára” Taverna

Located at the pool bar, offers Greek-style BBQ (reservation required). Fresh fish & lobster on request (extra charge)

“Kafenion Synántisi”

Strictly traditional Greek coffee and drinks. Variety of traditional Greek “meze”

“Théa” Pool Bar

Serving drinks (alcoholic, refreshments, beverages) and snacks during the day

“Salóni” Bar

Serving drinks, cocktails, refreshments & beverages in the evening